PRESIDENT - Karen Roughley

VICE PRESIDENT - Helene DeCillis 

Three Village SEPTA  brings together parents, teachers, administrators, learning specialists from Ward Melville, our High School, our 2 Junior Highs, and our 5 Elementary Schools, along with many others all with a true interest in the special education of children.

Together, our mission is to improve and maintain the quality of Special Education for our children throughout our District Programs. Also, to support families of students in "out of district" placements, along with the further education, and future employment opportunities for all the special needs individuals in our community. 

Three Village SEPTA  meets regularly, throughout the school year, often with guest speakers, to help answer questions on topics of particular interest for special needs families.  We also host special events and offer scholarships to graduating Ward Melville High School Students.

All parents are invited to join SEPTA and attend meetings to support and learn about special education issues.  Please visit the SEPTA web site at  Membership forms can be found on the website.

General Meetings

Arrowhead Elementary - Cafeteria 7:00 pm

September 25th November 13th February 26th April 23rd

Parent Networking Meetings

September 25 (after General Meeting - Arrowhead) 

October 17 (10:00 am - Minnesauke Portables)

November 13 (after General Meeting - Arrowhead)

January 11 (10:00 am - Minnesauke Portables) February 26 (after General Meeting - Arrowhead)  March 22 (10:00 am - Minnesauke Portables) April 23 (after General Meeting - Arrowhead) May 22 (10:00 am - Minnesauke Portables)